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Hvis du selv har brug for, at nogen beder for dig,
så send din anmodning til:
Vi behandler din anmodning fortroligt.
Dit fornavn og evt. intension vil herefter komme på
Profetis interne bedeliste.

Please pray for my son Carlo that he may see the light of faith, also my daughter and all my dear ones. Pray for my special intention (it's in my heart, and in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary). That we may remain in Gods shelter forever, and remain in His Light. Thank you Jesus for your Love. Praise be to your Holy Name now and forever.

Please, pray for us in order we find a job. We are a family and both of us are unemployed and we have a little son. Please, pray for my mother who has a lung fibrosis and she is an oxygen dependent. She has many complications because of her bad health conditions.

Please pray for my family which is all desintegrated. A special prayer for my son who left his family three years ago and we do not know where he is. For his three children and wife who suffer his absence. For my other son that he finds a job, but more importantly that his heart and mind be open to the Holy Spirit. For my 14 year old granddaughter, that she receives the gift of Faith, she is closing her mind to accept truths of our Faith. God knows all our needs, please pray for us. In the Love of Jesus.

Please pray for my friend Esperanza that God will give her the strength to face her illness with a strong faith that this has a purpose in her life. She'll undergo an operation for carcinoma of the adrenals. Thanks!

I would like this lovely group to say a prayer for one of my brothers (J Luis V) so he can come closer to Jesus. He needs a lot spiritual help and also his son Erny. He is paralyzed from the waist down.

Please pray that I will be able to make a total and holy confession. Also that I may get the strength to overcome my pride which leads me to unbelief and sin.

Please keep LT in your prayers. He is in the critical care unit and has been given the last rights. He is prepared but his family needs prayer for him to get better and to accept God's will one way or the other. Also an 11 yr old girl named Katrina needs our prayers. She is having severe spinal pain and a growing weakness in her ability to stand in one place. We gather together Precious Lord to ask for healing for these two people. We also ask for peace and strength for their families during this time.

I want to make a total and holy confession. I feel that too often I ignore the sins in my life that are truly damanging to my soul.

Please pray for me that I may pass all my exams in the month of May and June in the following subjects: Theology, Scripture, Moral Theology, Dogmatic Theology, Liturgy, Anthropology, Medieval Irish Studies.

I have a very heavy burden on my shoulder and asking for this burden to be lifted. I need a job and a place to live. I want to know the Lord.

Jesus, please send more interns in my Clinic to help our less fortunate brothers and sisters. Lord, always guide me in my "journey" that I will not fall into temptation.

Dear Father in Heaven, please have mercy on my dad who has cancer which has now spread throughout his body. I believe in miracles.

Please pray for my friend Laura, whose father has died. May God give her strength in this difficult time.

I pray for a dear friend whom I haven't heard from in awhile. I hope she isn't angry with me for any reason. Please Lord, if if is your will, kindly restore her friendship back to me. Thank you.

Please pray for Abby, my 15 month old granddaughter, that her tests find her healthy in mind and body and that her legs are made strong so that she may walk.

Please remember my neice and nephews in your prayers. These are all siblings and they all have something very seriously wrong with them. Rod, Ruble, Jeff, and Loretta. Also, please pray for their mother who needs strength dealing with 4 out of 5 of her children that are very sick.

Lord Jesus, please heal Monica who has suffered a very severe back injury by the unjustice of her ex-husband. Please be with my mother who has terminal cancer in her remaining days and allow me to visit her again before she passes. When she does pass this world, take her to her heavenly home, this I pray.

Please pray for the conversion & enlightenment of my husband who is now deeply involved with another married woman. I ask the intercession of Mama Mary that both of them will soon see the light and hear the word of God.

I humbly ask the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary for their help and guidance in providing for our family, in providing for a Christian education and environment for our children, finding and obtaining a new home for our family and in providing for my Mother's spiritual and material well-being.

Lord Jesus, please let my husband get one of the jobs he has interviewed for. Please show us your mercy. Please help my dad have some quality of life before his death and please help my daughter's special talent grow for she is so devoted to you.

Lord Jesus, my mother is stricken with cancer. Please cure her. Please allow her full recovery from cancer. And please continue to protect the members of my family. And thank you for all the things you have done for us.

Lord Jesus, please lead back my dear friend to you. I know that he loves you. He is only lost. Guide him and enlighten him that he may know your will.

I am a mother of 4 children. I pray to the Holy Spirit, the Sacred Heart and Our Lady to hear my prayers for both me and my ex-husband to find permanent positions in order to secure our future with our children. I also ask Our Lady to provide me with the strength to raise my four children with love and patience as it is an emotional and mental strain to raise my kids on my own. Lord, please relieve me of my years of financial, emotional and mental burden. In Christ's Name. Amen

Lord Jesus, please guide my relationship with my boyfriend and enlighten us of your Holy Will. Take out all the confusion we may have right now.

Please pray for my dad's stomach, it is pressing against his diaphragm causing discomfort. I'm asking for a physical miracle, healing, and manifestation. My prayer is that God's almighty, loving, caring and healing hand will restore anew his stomach. After all, all things are possible. In Yeshua's name I pray, amin.

Please say a prayer for me I have to go the hospital for a CT scan to se if I have cancer, please pray that no cancer will be found.

I wish to request for prayers for my husband who has practically abandoned us for another woman. Their relationship has been going on for almost three years and I know its only God who can show them the light. Please pray for enlightenment to both of them.

I would like to request for the conversion of my husband... that he may return to the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Holy Eucharist. It has been at least 15 years since he last received Holy Communion. May God's healing grace touch his heart.....

My friend Daniel is very ill. In Nov.1999 He had heart problems followed by a malignant tumor in a kidney, (the affected) kidney was removed. Now, Feb., he is being operated on for a prostate cancer. Please offer some prayers, so that he will recover. Thank You.

Please keep me in good health dear Lord and all my family. Help me to meet the right person to share my life with and Saint Anthony please bring back the love that I have lost as I miss him so much.

Please pray for me as I am going through a very difficult time in my life. I have loved a girl for the last 2 years (known her for about 5 years). Please pray for some direction in our relationship as things are not going very well with us. Please also pray for her healing as well as all the hurt I have caused her.

Pray for me so that I may overcome my and my family's current financial problems by getting a reasonably paying job.

Please pray for my mother, that God will give her the strength to stop smoking and lose weight for good. Also pray for my brother and for his wife to be able to become pregnant in the near future. And pray that I find the right career path for myself, to have a great job when I graduate.

Please, pray for me. I got a damaged back due to sportstraining. I suffer everyday with pain and need a healing. Nothing is impossible for God and whether we receive healing or not, we must always put our hope in God because God is always good! God bless all of you in the name of Jesus!

Please, pray so that my mother Michelle feels better. Her right arm is very painful and almost paralysed. Thanks to all of you.

Dear Lord - Thank you for everything I have today. Pls make my son do very well with a very high grade all the years of his college and graduate with a GPA of 4/4 and give my husband, my son and me good health and happiness always and protect us from all danger. Thank you Lord.

Oh God, may Thierry find your love and the truth of your words. May light be on my path.

Lord, deliver our sister Allison from the cancer that afflicts her and restore her in full health to her husband and children. We make these prayers through Our Lord Jesus Christ, amen. God's blessings on all who read this prayer (and also on those who don't). Love to you all, John

Please say a prayer for my bestfriend so that he may continue to be strong, armed with a lot of patience in facing life's difficulties and struggles. Please pray also so that God would heal an inner wound within me and let peace of heart and mind reigns within me.

Pray for my daughter Ninoshka so that she may be healed from chronic cold and cough & also that she may reduce in weight. Please pray for our financial prosperity. My husband has given up drinking alcohol, please pray that he may not go back to it ever again.

Lord Jesus, please bless my dear friend. His life has been full of hurts since childhood. He is sometimes being haunted by the past especially when problems come his way. Please heal him from all these and all the effects of his ancestral sins and let him feel your Love and the Motherly Love of your Mother Mary. Thank you Lord Jesus for granting this.

I pray that my whole family be converted and saved and that I know what the will of God is for me. I also ask for the gifts of the Holy Spirit and that I help Priests in any way I can. I also ask for the Peace of Chrsit always and not to live in fear about the end times. Please increase my faith, hope, trust and love for Jesus and to always be under the protection of Our Blessed Mother.

Pray for my family to be filled with the holy spirit and always to have good health.
L. D'C

Please include Kathy Putnam in prayers for God's guidance and protection. Thank you!
W. J. Bender

Please pray for my daughter, Trish, who suffers from depression. Please ask God to take this illness from her so that she may better serve him her on earth.

I ask you to pray for the church and the unity of all Christians. I personally ask you to pray for the conversion of my husband and the continued conversion of my two sons. I ask you to pray for my entire family who does not yet know the love of Christ in their lives. I ask you to pray for our local Diocese and especially for our local priests who are under tremendous temptation and attack. I pray for the spirit of fasting in mind, body and soul. Thank you!

I need your prayers. I would like to find the man I am to marry and so be blessed with children as I have much love to give. Peace. Amen.

Please pray for my poor mother, who is deadly sick. My mother has got a malignant brain tumor which regrows, regrows... So far she has had two head operations(both of them within the last seven months. She has got much difficulties in walking, her right leg is half paralysed, her right hand is completely dead, she speaks very little. She has not got the bone on her left side of her head. I trust God totally about His plans for my mother. He knew her before the creation of the world.

Please pray for me that I may have strength in facing any temptations that will come my way. I also ask you to pray for my illness - easily get nervous in a crowd without apparent, too suspicious (paranoid).

Please pray for my job which I have applied today so I should get the job immediately before my completion of visa period. Nothing is impossible to Jesus Christ and pray for me and my family so that all my burdens will be less

Kindly pray for my 3 children Michelle, Charmaine and Bosco, as also Royston, Sunil and Sara that God may touch their hearts and bring them all into His kingdom, as they are very materialistic.

Please pray for me for getting a suitable job. I have been trying for a permanant job for quite some time. Praise you Jesus.

Praise the Lord! Please pray for Sajith for healing of his skin allergy.

Lord Jesus, bless our marriage with the gift of a child.
Amar Bagde

Lord Jesus, anoint all our family members with Your Mighty Holy Spirit so that we may understand God's will in our lives and use as Your powerful instruments for Your Kingdom.
E.Arul Francis Xavier

Please pray for a friend who is desperately trying to find consummation in the shadows. May the Lord Himself find him and vivify his soul.

I would like all of you to pray for me that I may get a job where I have given two interviews. I desperately need this job. I would like you to pray that I would get married to my girlfriend with whom I am going around for past 3 years and her parents are opposing our marriage. I pray that I do well in my exams. I really need your prayers and also pray that I may grow in the love of Lord Jesus Christ and that I may be able to evanagelise his name.

Please pray that my panic atacks will stop for good and that I don't get separated from my family. And please pray for my spiritual, emotional, and pyschological healing.

Please bless our marriage with the gift of a child.
K. V.