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I anledning af 20-året for de første åbenbaringer til Christina Gallagher
(Oversættelse under udarbejdelse)

Det er nu over 20 år siden vores velsignede moders første åbenbaring til Christina Gallagher. Vor frues kald var ikke ny. It was simply the call of Her Son in the Gospel - et kald til at komme tilbage til Gud, et kald til anger. Det var et kald til bøn fra hjertet gennem hendes mest smukke rosenkrans. In the course of the past 20 years, God has powerfully upheld everything in Our Lady’s message as announced by Christina. She was frequently shown world events before they took place and all events shown to Christina have invariably been fulfilled;

Jordskælv i IRAN

As related in her autobiography (Out of the Ecstasy and Onto the Cross p11) she was shown an earthquake three weeks before it took place in Iran, killing 5,000 people. She told her spiritual director. When it occurred and was shown on television news, Our Lady explained to Christina that she had “been shown the calamity before it took place, not to prevent it but to prepare the souls of the people for God.”


In early 1993, one year before the horrible war in Rwanda, Christina received an apparition (Out of the Ecstasy and Onto the Cross, p.11) in which she was asked by an African boy (unknown to her) named Emmanuel Segastashya, "Pray for me and my country, Burundi." - a country she had never heard of. It was only the following year when the slaughter of the war in Rwanda broke out and engulfed neighboring Burundi and among the countless victims of the massacres was Emmanuel - a visionary in Church - approved apparitions there - that the reason became clear to Christina.


On December 26, 1992 Christina had an apparition of the war that broke out approximately two years later in Chechnya. She made known, as usual, in advance what was shown to her. (Out of the Ecstasy and Onto the Cross, p.262).

Angreb på tvillingetårnene i NEW YORK

While in New York to address a Rosary Rally at Battery Park on September 11, 1999 Christina prophesied that the Twin Towers would be destroyed. She made the statement in the presence of a number of people including a US judge, a Canadian attorney, a radio broadcaster, and her spiritual director. One of these, Judge Dan Lynch, an American Judge, wrote an article on the matter and made it more widely public.

Tsunami in the INDIAN OCEAN

On a number of separate occasions, the first being eight years before the Indian Ocean tsunami disaster - the massive undersea earthquake which smashed into nine countries across Asia on December 26, 2004 killing approximately one quarter of a million people - Christina was shown the exact tsunami scene taking place on a beautiful sandy beach with the wave washing in over houses and leaving corpses strewn on the beach as it swelled out again to sea. She did not have the word 'tsunami' as it was not in ordinary use then but she published what was shown her in her biography which appeared as far back as 1996. Christina would lament and cry bitter tears on seeing these scenes in advance for she knew how Our Lady had been trying since the beginning of Her apparitions to warn the world on how to prevent such disasters. Her calls were widely ignored and even ridiculed. On CNN News and on RTE news bulletins in Ireland, December 29th and 30th scientists were quoted as saying, “All we can say is that the sea-bed shifted from its axis”. They were actually using the exact words of warning Our Blessed Mother had spoken to Christina on July 16, 2002 (published then on the web-site) ‘...I tell you the world has been drawn short of its axis. It is clinging to the Hand of God to uphold it through Jesus...' Not only did the foretold happening occur but was even described afterwards by scientists in the very terms predicted by Our Lady.

Vejrforandringer overalt i verden

Long before weather patterns began to alter, Our Lady was warning us of what has now become widespread throughout the world. As far back as January 1, 1995 She declared, '...My daughter, the world is in its decline! World purification has begun. It will intensify more and more. The weather will be so changeable: heat to cold to ice: rainstorms like the world has not witnessed: hurricanes, floods, earthquakes even in unexpected countries: mudslides, disasters throughout the world will increase when the Hand of My Son covers the world...’ This message's widespread fulfillment is, of course, a matter of historical record.

Kollaps på aktiemarkedet

On January 23, 2006, Christina was told by Our Blessed Mother that the works She had desired 'should be completed at once as there will be a collapse in the stock market'. This message, given to Christina by Our Blessed Mother at the height of the economic boom in 'celtic tiger' Ireland as it was then called seemed incredible even to some devotees of Our Lady's message! Ireland was the economic envy of the world because of the enormous strength of the national economy and its highest-ever living standards. We were being held up as the perfect example of material prosperity and for anyone to speak or even think of economic collapse seemed absurd and ridiculous. Yet, against all the odds and despite the complacency of experts the message of Our Lady to Christina was, as always, once again resoundingly fulfilled.

ONE WORLD Government and ONE WORLD Church

As far back as 1992 Christina was told by Our Blessed Mother that a uniting of currencies would come about in Europe (Out of the Ecstasy and Onto the Cross, pg 329) and following that, in the world. The former has of course already occurred as of March 2009, a number of world political leaders are calling for a world regulation of banking, and even a single world currency. We can, therefore, now see a global bank and uniting of currency about to come into being. Swiftly we will see a total control of people being put in place through the use of the “chip” which will be nothing other than the “mark of the beast” mentioned in the Scriptures (Book of Revelations, chapter 13). Those who take it will lose their souls permanently as revelation states. Then there will be put in place a one world “Church” which will not be Christian.

Message upheld by HEALINGS

Over 500 healings have been recorded. These include 10 different forms of cancer, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, blindness, instantaneous clearance of blocked carotid arteries among several other conditions. Some already have received exhaustive in-depth analysis and been found by consultants and medical professors to have 'no human, scientific, medical or psychological explanation'.

Message upheld by the Gift of Knowledge of SOULS

God's gift of seeing a person's state of soul was given to Christina as she ministered to priests. It is probably best summed up by a Jesuit theologian from London who first visited her 20 years ago. He later wrote of his experience, 'This remarkable Irishwoman demonstrated beyond any doubt that she possessed a sort of x-ray vision into my private world of conscience and moral striving. She could read the secrets of my heart. She could witness within me that hidden arena where, as is the case with everyone, warfare is waged non-stop between good and evil, truth and falsehood, light and darkness. Though aware that other priests had a similar experience, I was nonetheless bowled over when Christina Gallagher proceeded to discern with clinical precision the weaknesses and strengths of my world within'. (Dr. Richard Foley, S.J., Preface, The Sorrow, the Sacrifice and the Triumph by Dr. Tom Petrisko)

The following is the latest experience given
to Christina by Our Lady Queen
of Peace on March 29th 2009

Fødselsveerne er ovre. The world is handed over to the anti- Christ.

Borgerkrig vil bryde ud i USA og mange vil kæmpe og slå hinanden ihjel. 'Nests' of foreigners have already been placed in the U.S. Christina was shown a scene of what will take place, the weapons being used and the blood flowing. The horror was over powering for her. Christina was then allowed to witness the explosion of a bomb which will be dropped on America. Its impact was horrific. She was shown that an earthquake will follow some time later. (She, herself believes that the earthquake will be a direct consequence of the bomb.)

The events in the U.S. will also filter throughout Europe and then throughout the world. A great suppression will come about…

Many, including Church authorities will go willingly in union with the anti-Christ because of the control he wields. Christina was shown how God desires to protect the handing on of the faith throughout the times that are to follow. Christina was shown how the Holy Father is suffering. There is much rebellion and hatred against him even within the Church. She was then shown the global Church descending into a great blackness and exuding misty vapour. This scene was surrounded by a multitude of angry demons wanting to get rid of the Church and Christianity.

Christina was then shown Blessed Michael, clad in red and gold and holding his sword upright. Behind him could be seen Our Blessed Lady and a multitude of angels in red, in haste to do battle with the adversary.

Pestilence will accompany the civil war and the suppression. Mosquitoes will carry all kinds of new diseases. Locusts such as have never been seen before will form a plague; it will seem as those themselves have an evil intent, almost as if they have an awareness that they are to wreak destruction.

Christina understands that if people in the US wish to gain the graces of protection as invited by Our Blessed Lady, they should be in the state of grace and draw from God's graces through Her promise by going to pray frequently in Her Chain Houses and upholding them -now, beforehand- as it will be too late for them when these events have begun to happen.

As messenger, Christina says it is heartbreaking for her to give this message and yet she has no option but to do so. She gives it in response to Our Blessed Lady despite her knowing that she will be mocked and ridiculed for doing so. However, it is up to each one to choose whether they accept or reject it.


In 1992 Christina was told of a series of world developments; that there would be a uniting of currencies, first in Europe and later leading to a one-world currency followed by a cashless society which will require the 'chip' or 'mark of the beast'. During this time there will come into being a one-world bank, a one-world government, and a one-world Church which will not be Christian.
Christina was also told that there will be a stock market crash once and possibly twice. There will be great poverty and great suffering during this time and through this poverty Our Lady said She would claim back Her 'dowry' which referred to England. The monarchy there will disappear.
Christina has frequently spoken of this and referred to it in her autobiography. As a consequence, many people now see that what has been revealed to her over the past twenty years is being rapidly fulfilled before their eyes. This fulfillment is now bringing many to question the persecution of Christina and her mission.


Message of Our Blessed Lady to Christina on Saturday, October 20, 2007

Our Blessed Lady, Queen of Peace, in a most urgent plea, is calling all Her children in Ireland and throughout the world to unite in a novena honoring the Most Holy Trinity to crush evil attacks coming against Her Mother House of Prayer, the Chain Houses and Her daughter Christina.

Our Lady said,

"I as Mother will offer this 3-fold novena to The Blessed Trinity in the freedom of My children's response in prayer so that through the merits of My Son the Eternal Father's Hand may repel the enormity of this attack, the greatest ever to come upon My work.

This novena, which is to be offered during the three hours of My Son's victory, is to be prayed at My Mother House in Ireland and in My Chain Houses throughout the world."


The 3-hour novena will commence at 12 noon, the hour when Jesus was raised upon the cross and will end at 3 PM. the hour when He expired for the salvation of souls.

The novena is to consist of 27 Saturdays, being 3 nines in honor of the Blessed Trinity.

It will begin Saturday, October 27 2007 continuing each Saturday until it concludes Saturday, April 26 2008.

Because of its enormous urgency, Christina asks you to respond to this most serious request of our Blessed Mother in as great numbers as is humanly possible.


Linkssiden er ikke ajour, men vi har midlertidigt lagt en af de sidste
engelske artiklerud med en kommetar fra Christina fra januar 2005,
hvor hun kommenterer tsunami-katastrofen i Asien.


Commentary updated January 5, 2005

Asian Disaster


Visionary Christina Gallagher laments and cries bitter tears in her ill-health and suffering to see Our Blessed Mother’s message being ignored at the peril of so many. Eight years ago she was shown the beaches, shorelines with palm trees, the wave rising and sweeping over the houses and then the countless corpses strewn on the beaches .

This information is only placed here not to prove a point but that people might be helped to avert or at least diminish sufferings coming to other countries.

What is Christina supposed to do?

She says:

“I have been shown many calamities for other countries. I am only letting people know what I am told by Our Lady they can do to protect themselves. I suffer if I carry this information in silence. I suffer when I try to tell people and they do not want to know, saying I am scare-mongering.

I would have a greater guilt if I did nothing about it.

If people only knew the pain it brings. I cannot even bear now to look at the sea… It brings no satisfaction to me that these warnings come true. It was to prevent such disasters that the messages were given, beginning 16 years ago.”

As enormous media coverage continues to re-act to the Indian Ocean tsunami disaster - the massive undersea earthquake which smashed into nine countries across Asia on December 26 - even the language used by news reporters and scientists is ‘word for word’ the same as what was already given by Our Blessed Mother to Christina when She tried to warn the world on how to prevent such disasters.

On CNN News and on RTE news bulletins in Ireland, December 29th and 30th scientists were quoted as saying,

"The sea-bed shifted from its axis."

Anyone who was present at Our Lady’s House on July 16, 2002 or who has since read the message of Our Blessed Mother to Christina for that special day (published back then on this web-site) will be immediately struck by the exact similarity of Our Lady’s words,

"...I tell you the world has been drawn short of its axis.
It is clinging on the Hand of God to uphold it through Jesus..."

On that occasion, when people enquired about the meaning of the word "axis" as used by Our Blessed Lady, Christina's spiritual director referred to the message given by Jesus to Christina as far back as May 25, 1999 in which He said,

"Time is short.
My justice is upon the world.
My people, lament for your sins.
Justice is about to be upon you.
The axis of the world is My arm.
The sin, which fumigates the world, corrodes it.
Soon the world will be plunged into the depths of its sin and drink of its own bitterness."

Christina’s spiritual director went on to say,
"Axis" is normally used to describe a notional alignment which preserves balance and harmony and prevents destruction. It can apply to the movement of planets but sometimes also to an alignment of countries set up in order to safeguard the balance of power in the world.

By describing the axis of the world as His arm, Jesus clearly indicates that the world completely depends upon Him for its existence and its preservation from self-destruction. He goes further; He stresses that when the world withdraws from alignment on God, it renders itself completely vulnerable to destruction. God entrusted the world to our use and stewardship. According to the message of Jesus, the world has become so saturated with sin that it is losing any sense of dependence and reliance upon Him and therefore no longer seeks or wants His protection to uphold it. We see that the world has arrived at this stage when formal rejection of God progressively takes place until a point is reached when all handicapped together with the undermining of the institution of marriage.

The world thereby declares itself "out of bounds" for God. God, a loving Father who gave His only Son to set us free thereby obtaining for us freewill. Yet so many expect such a loving Father despite having given the life of His Son for our freedom, to still see in our souls the Mystical Body of His Son Jesus being torn apart. How can a Father not anguish at our blindness and rejection of the reality of God? In His Mercy He still yearns with a burning love for each one of us even when we reject Him and do not allow Him in our freedom to protect us through His Holy Spirit in body or in soul. That is why it is never just to ‘blame’ God for tragedies.

When she heard reports of people asking the question, following the Asian disaster,
"Why, why, why ?" , Christina wept and remarked,
"People seem to have forgotten the reality of their bodies being a sacred vessel to contain the unity of God in their souls. Can people not see that God has permitted humanity to insult Him and cause every kind of humiliation possible - to lowering themselves in behaviour even beneath the level of the animal, so therefore there has to be justice as well as mercy. What do we expect when humanity has reached a level of accepting nothing else but its own existence and its own pride and treating God as a mere myth and non-existent? Because of this humanity draws the Hand of God down in His anguish to make souls aware of the reality of His existence and His yearning love to save them from the mire of their own sin. It is this sin which permits the activity of the evil one to cause so many abnormalities : abnormal sexual behaviour, the abnormal increase in youthful suicides, drug activity, treating our God of love as though He were a mere mockery..."

Christina observed how comments on the disaster all seem to take account only of this life. She remarked that we should always remember that the one taken in innocence will gain life eternal, just like a martyr. Instead of saying "they lost everything" it would be truer to say "they gained all". God is never unjust.

In relation to the subject of such disasters Christina’s spiritual director remarks that, as Jesus stressed in the Gospel (Lk 13:4) the people taken first in any disaster are not necessarily morally worse than those left behind but, of course, it is always meant as a warning to those who survive to reconcile with God and be prepared because we “do not know the day nor the hour” (Mt 25:13) and as Jesus added about the people at the time of Noah,

"They suspected nothing till the Flood came and swept all away."(ibid.)
In a sense, Jesus is in fact giving us the warning that at the most unexpected moment we can be summoned from this life.
The precise details of the tsunami tragedy are, indeed, an exact fulfillment of the words of Jesus in Matthew’s Gospel,Then of two men in the fields one is taken, one left; of two women at the millstone grinding one is taken, one left.” (Mt 24:41)
A woman who described her survival of the tsunami related that she was in a car with another woman. They both got out of the car by different doors and immediately one was taken and one left.

At another point in the Gospel Jesus says:

“And there will be signs in the sun and moon and stars,
upon the earth, distress of the nations in perplexity at the roaring of the sea and the waves, … Now when these things
begin to take place, look up and raise your heads because your redemption is drawing near.” (Luke 21: 25-28)

Our Lady had also told us through Christina that earthquakes would take place in areas unaccustomed to earthquakes. With this particular earthquake, therefore, Her message is fulfilled in yet another aspect. Asian officials have now admitted in its aftermath that they had “no system for tracking tidal waves in the Indian Ocean - an area where they are rare”. These very words are an exact echo of Our Lady’s own language uttered as far back as January 1, 1995,

"My daughter, the world is in its decline!
World purification has begun.
It will intensify more and more...
The weather will be so changeable: heat to cold to ice;
rainstorms like the world has not witnessed; hurricanes;
floods; earthquakes even in unexpected countries; mudslides;
disasters throughout the world will increase
when the Hand of My Son covers the world..."

Our Blessed Mother had specifically indicated that a mark of the further decline of the world would be not only the increase in such disasters as she listed but their occurrence “in unexpected” places.
Indeed this was dramatically fulfilled in Ireland itself on Saturday January 1st when mini tornadoes struck in counties Dublin, Meath, Louth and Kildare wrecking property and overturning vehicles in such a way that the people affected later remarked they thought they were going to die.

In Our Lady’s message given to Christina on November 2, 1992, She clearly indicated that purification of the world is always conditional on people’s response (Her call 20 years ago had been that we would see to it ourselves by returning to the sacraments.),

“…Many of my children pierce My Heart each day. My children in religious life wound My Heart and the Heart of My Son Jesus.
My Son’s Hand is getting heavy, weighed down by sin. I can no
longer withhold His Hand. When I can no longer sustain My Son’s
Hand, then it will fall on my children in justice The world
fumigates the smoke of Satan. He is playing with the souls of my
children as a child plays with toys…many are in darkness and
merry in murder and bloodshed. Sin in the world is multiplying...”

Christina has also witnessed the saints begging God to purify the world before everything is infected...

Not just this dreadful catastrophe but also its aftermath fulfills Our Lady's messages precisely.
Published on Tuesday, December 28th in THE IRISH TIMES we read,

"As putrefied bodies were piled on beaches in Sri Lanka and rescue teams reported a
stench from human corpses...aid workers warned that...epidemics could break out within days."

The report went on to warn that the death toll could double from diseases.
In Our Blessed Mother's message of July 16, 2002 referred to above, we were even told the same thing,

"The weather will change throughout the world...
Death will grow; the corpses of many will lie upon the earth.
Diseases will fall upon many; plagues will devour many..."

It is sad to recall, but we have to admit a pathetic detail also prophesied by Our Blessed Mother in Her message of July 16th 2001,

“...many will lie upon the earth, their corpses will be eaten by wild birds –"
was fulfilled to the letter in the television reports of January 2nd.

As every word of Our Blessed Mother continues to be rapidly fulfilled, it is a cause of great sadness that Her remedy to prevent all this is not being fulfilled. She cried out sorrowfully in Her message of July 16th 2003,

"The weather-change in many parts of the world is recognized
but only in silence.
Why can you not see and hear? Then act upon what I say to you
with love, in my yearning desire to help you
You respond only in mockery..."

Surely people can see now that Our Blessed Mother was trying to protect Her children as a last resort in the gift of Her "chain of houses". One of the promises relating to those houses is that the areas surrounding them will be kept safe during the purification.

Regrettably, even that offer of protection from Our Lady is being delayed through the indifference of Her children and even greeted with cynicism by those whose hearts are closed to their Mother.

The lack of compassion shown to the Blessed Mother in Her extreme efforts to reach out and save Her children is enormously increasing the great suffering and ill-health being endured by Christina. It is nothing new for such backlashes to fall upon Christina but at this moment her sufferings have reached a peak level surpassing anything that has afflicted her until now. When asked, she remarked,

"Those responsible will have to answer to the Lord their God for their lack of response to the call of their heavenly Mother. A question remains...
I wonder do the people responsible for holding back the message really understand the degree to which they will have to answer before God for the obstruction of Our Lady's plan to save Her children?"

Even those who have come to the House of Our Blessed Lady from such far away countries as were actually affected by the Asian disaster would seem to be blind and deaf to the call of their Blessed Mother. This causes Christina further tears for if such people had responded much could have been averted. But, once again, fear holds so many in its clutches.

Christina adds, everyone is understandably focused on the horrible aftermath of the tsunami. They are preoccupied by the horrors visible aboveground but she is aware of an enormously worse horror underground in the damage and danger to the earth’s axis. It is causing her an inexpressible distress. She can see what is happening but she says no-one is aware of it. She is helpless to make people understand how much she has been shown and how much she has endured only to be met with mockery and disbelief over the past 20 years.